Oh-O-Train collection is designed by an Ottawa-based couple as a creative way to voice their concern about Ottawa’s local transit. Deeply annoyed by the glitches in the city’s new light rail transit system: O-Train, the couple experienced this “Oh-O” moment and came up with T-shirt design to express their frustration, along with fun and unusual accents. They also hope that it will rally other affected commuters to show solidarity and collectively pressure the local authority to solve this pressing issue. After all, when we are many people together, we can achieve bigger things. 

With a unique perspective on design, color, and messaging, Oh-O-Train collection is your most awesome choice to commute anywhere in the city. All the T-shirts are 100% sourced, designed, and crafted right here in Canada and made with organic fabrics when possible. 

All the proceeds generated from the sales will be used to fix their car, should the transit situation persists. After all, winter is coming.

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you will enjoy your shopping experience with Oh-O-Train, and see you on the platform soon!

Date: 2019
Client: Oh-O-Train.ca

  • Online store (UI/UX)
  • Graphics / Print
  • Analytic (Pixel & Google)
  • Video Animaiton
  • Marketing